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Do you have expertise and experience, a track record of success, a message to share, and a desire to write? If so then you're in the right place to get expert support and a welcoming community to help you write your non-fiction book. 

Maybe you see people around you writing, publishing, and getting known and you're curious about how it all works? This is the right place for inspiration and practical advice to help you achieve that ambition of becoming an author. And, if you want to go beyond curiosity, we can help you get your book done, published, and into the hands of the people you most want to impact.


Here at Author Unlimited, we support people who are driven to make a difference through the work they do--thoughtful, intelligent people who have achieved success in their career or business and are looking to scale their impact and reach for the next level. 

Writing, indeed putting our work out into the world in any format, helps position you as an expert. You've watched others become, literally, the person who wrote the book and it's something you want as well. You know you have more value to offer your clients and customers and can build on your book with seminars, speaking, coaching or consulting. You want to reach more people and pick the work that most makes your heart sing. 

If this sounds like you then you are welcome to browse the site, to learn from our articles and the fantastic free ‘power pack’ we’ve put together.


If you're thinking about your book and want some clarity on how to get started, how to keep writing, or how to finish, then check out our guide on How To Write A Book. It contains lessons from almost a decade of mentoring authors, running seminars and Masterclasses for writers, and covers the mindset as well as the structural challenges that might come up for you when you start to write your book. It isn't your typical step-by-step process so you might want to go over to the page and download it to print out and read later. 

And if you've already published (congratulations!), then you might be facing the thorny issue of how to sell more books? 

We have a step-by-step Three Month Book Marketing Plan which also includes a checklist you can download to help you stay on track. You can even work with an assistant on this and print it out for him or her to use. And when you're ready to get creative with your marketing, hop over to one of our most popular posts, 50 Ways to Promote Your Book. I promise you'll find at least one new idea you can try out. 

Wherever you are in the process, I hope you continue to write. I believe that writing expands you; it stretches you, both and professionally. 

It challenges you to express your ideas with clarity. And when you become an author --- when you put your words into the world --- that's when you expand your vision for what's truly possible. It's a gift, treasure it and enjoy the process. And I hope we can make a small contribution to your success. 

If you'd like access to eight of our most popular templates, checklists and downloads to support you, then go over and download your copy of the Indie Author Power Pack and start your author journey today!  

Thank you, and welcome!

the Editorial Team,
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